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Overview - Teaching Online Advanced Diploma

Did you know that online education is on the rise in the UK alone like never before? Are you ready to seize the incredible opportunities the rapidly growing online education industry presents? Our Teaching Online Advanced Diploma will help you take the first step to entering the online education sector as a newbie. Experts found that over 3 million students have turned to online courses in the last year, with 91% reporting increased satisfaction with their learning experiences! So, it’s the best time to get some skills in online education.

The Teaching Online Advanced Diploma course is designed to teach you the basic skills to start your journey in the online education industry. You will gain expertise in course creation, from selecting the proper subjects to effectively using the necessary hardware and software. Video is the primary medium of online learning. Thus, the Teaching Online Advanced Diploma course focuses on teaching you video editing techniques to create high-quality, professional-looking course content that captivates your audience. Moreover, you will learn and explore various sales channels, including Udemy, Skillshare, and Amazon Video Direct, to market and sell your courses effectively.

Engagement of the target audience is the biggest challenge in the e-learning industry. Therefore, the Teaching Online Advanced Diploma course will teach you how to engage and retain your students through customer engagement techniques, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), and setting achievable goals. Copywriting skill is a must for successful promotional ads and course descriptions. The Teaching Online Advanced Diploma course will help you to learn persuasive copywriting. In addition, you will get in-depth knowledge about coaching principles, offering both one-on-one and group coaching services.

Enrol now and start shaping the future of education – one click away from your dreams!

What You Will Learn

Skills You Will Gain

Who is this course for

This Teaching Online Advanced Diploma course is ideal for anyone who wants to:

Career Path

Become an online teacher and kickstart a career in remote teaching. Career opportunities in this field include the following:

Why Choose Teachers Training

Become an online teacher and kickstart a career in remote teaching. Career opportunities in this field include the following:

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements. You need to have:


The assessment is straightforward, you need to complete the assignment questions that will be provided to you at the end of the course, you can complete the assignment anytime you want. After you complete and submit your assignment, our tutors will assess your assignment and give you feedback if needed. 

After your assignment has been assessed and you have passed, you will be qualified and will be able to apply for a course completion certificate.


CPD Certification from The Teachers Training

After you have successfully completed your assignment, you will be qualified to apply for a CPD Certification from The Teachers Training. The PDF certificate can be downloaded after you have completed your course.

  • You can get your digital certificate (PDF) for £4.99 only

  • Hard copy certificates are also available, and you can get one for only £10.99

  • You can get both PDF and Hard copy certificates for just £12.99!

The certificate will add significant weight to your CV and will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs.


Answer: Thank you for your question. You will be able to complete the course within 4 hours 10 minutes.

Answer: No, you do not have to buy a textbook, you can use a notebook to write down things if that helps you learn better.

Answer: Yes, the course is self-paced, you can pause it whenever you want and study at your own pace.

Course Curriculum

Section 01 - Build a Business Teaching Online
Let’s Start Teaching Online 00:10:00
Hardware and Software to Create Courses 00:03:00
Validating Course Subjects 00:04:00
Editing Videos 00:06:00
Section 02 - Discovering Sales Channels
Creating Udemy Courses 00:10:00
Following Udemy Policies 00:20:00
Upload Course to Udemy 00:15:00
Publishing on Skillshare 00:13:00
Publishing to Skillsuccess 00:02:00
How to Signup for Amazon Video Direct to Publish Content 00:12:00
Additional Sales Channels 00:07:00
Section 03 - Student Engagement
Customer Engagement 00:05:00
KPI’s and Goals 00:05:00
Engaging Content 00:05:00
Customer Channels 00:02:00
Customer Needs 00:02:00
Brand Marketing 00:05:00
Customer Success 00:06:00
Customer Value 00:09:00
Section 04 - Copywriting
Copywriting Intro 00:03:00
Headlines 00:06:00
Copywriting Basics 00:11:00
Offer 00:06:00
Closing 00:06:00
Basic Writing Skills 00:10:00
Sell the Sizzle 00:05:00
Writing Sales Copy 00:07:00
Conclusion 00:09:00
Section 05 - Coaching
Introduction to Coaching Authority 00:04:00
Coaching Added Benefit 00:05:00
One-on-One Coaching 00:07:00
Group Coaching 00:07:00
Facebook Group Coaching 00:04:00
Email Coaching 00:05:00
Coaching Clients to Higher Income 00:04:00
Life Coaching 00:05:00
Promoting Coaching Services 00:04:00


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