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Our Privacy Policy

The Teacher’s Training holds a strict privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”), and we want you to know that we take the handling of our customer’s data very seriously.

As a UK based business, the handling of your information is governed by the UK Data Protection Act 2018. So, we can assure you that your personal information will never reach those with the intention to mishandle or misuse it for their gains.

This policy covers all pieces of data relating to you personally, such as: Your Name Your Email address Your Personal Qualifications

Why do we collect information about you?

The Teacher’s Training offers exclusive services which are purchased on the website or via our applications. These can be procured online or offline. During this standard process, we will require personal information.

We only use this information to;
- improve our services
- Respond to the requests for new services
- Analyse interactions in order to optimise our performance
- Market and promote appropriate Teacher’s Training products

Legal Requests for information

The Teacher’s Training will only respond to legal court orders requiring information be made available to government authorities. And we will only do that when the departments or agencies have a genuine legal right to access such records in the right and proper manner.

Apart from that scenario, you can rest assured that we will only share information with third parties if:
- you signify you agree to us sharing this information.
- We become involved in legal action against someone who has breached their contract.
- We sell all or part of Teacher’s Training, and the information is legally transferred only to the acquirer with an agreement to this policy.
- They are providing direct and essential Teacher’s Training, although they will be limited in their rights to access or view such information.
- They are an integral part of our security policy and also work to protect your data from disclosure.

Retaining your information

We only keep any information while you are a subscriber and for 12 months before your subscription is scheduled to end. You can personally request that deletion of your data is performed, but residual data will exist in backups for three months afterwards.

Data Security

The Teacher’s Training website and associated applications have various security measures installed, with the express objective to prevent the loss or misuse of any data. But be aware that despite our best efforts, no security measures are guaranteed to be 100% effective. However, we believe that ours are amongst the best available.

Call Privacy

All phone calls are recorded for contractual and training purposes only. These recordings are never shared with any third parties or external parties. They are also only kept archived for 24 hours.

Email Privacy

We only follow email strategies and practises that are routinely accepted in the online education sector. This plan includes “permission-based emailing”. You will only receive emails from The Teacher’s Training and associated companies because you have permitted us to do so.

Outbound links

The Teacher’s Training website may contain links to other external websites. We constantly review the links but cannot be held responsible for the content of these links as they could be changed without our knowledge or consent.

Your rights as a Customer

You have legal rights concerning the data that The Teacher’s Training may hold on you.
If you wish to act upon (or get more information) about any of these rights, you can contact The Teacher’s Training at https://theteacherstraining.com/contact/

From the communication link you can then:
- Ask Teacher’s Training to supply you with a copy of the personal information that we hold on you.
- Request Teacher’s Training to edit or change any information about you that you consider to be inaccurate or incomplete.
- Formally request that Teacher’s Training deletes data that you perceive as being unnecessary for us to hold.
- Place an objection to the processing of personal data, where Teacher’s Training has been using it for direct marketing purposes.
- Request that Teacher’s Training restricts the use of your data sharing in certain circumstances, including; (a) the circulation of inaccurate data, (b) the use of data that is believed to be unlawful, (c) holding the data for legal purposes, (d) if the group needs to verify genuine ground to continue to use it.
- Ask for data to be legitimately transferred for personal reasons or ease-of-use.

Decide to withdraw previously agreed consent or permissions to access personal data. If you have previously permitted Teacher’s Training to use data or personal quotes, you can easily reverse that agreement. However, the company has the right to charge a payable fee if the request is unreasonable or excessive. In all cases, Teacher’s Training will notify you and keep you updated.

Contact information

If you have any issues updating or correcting your personal information in our database or queries concerning this policy, please email info@theteacherstraining.com or call us on +020 8158 6293.

We aim to respond to all requests within a period of 24 hrs.

Policy changes

The Teacher’s Training reserves the right to change its privacy policies at any time. Up to date policies are always available on our website.

This Privacy Policy forms part of a legal agreement between you and The Teacher’s Training.

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