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Personal Development Life Coaching is yet another “Teacher’s Choice” course from Teachers Training for a complete understanding of the fundamental topics. You are also entitled to exclusive tutor support and a professional CPD-accredited certificate in addition to the special discounted price for a limited time. Just like all our courses, this Personal Development Life Coaching and its curriculum have also been designed by expert teachers so that teachers of tomorrow can learn from the best and equip themselves with all the necessary skills.

Consisting of several modules, the course teaches you everything you need to succeed in this profession.

The course can be studied part-time. You can become accredited within 5 hours studying at your own pace. Your qualification will be recognised and can be checked for validity on our dedicated website.

Why Choose Teachers Training

Some of our features are:

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements. You need to have:


The assessment is straightforward, you need to complete the assignment questions that will be provided to you at the end of the course, you can complete the assignment anytime you want. After you complete and submit your assignment, our tutors will assess your assignment and give you feedback if needed. 

After your assignment has been assessed and you have passed, you will be qualified and will be able to apply for a course completion certificate.


CPD Certification from The Teachers Training

After you have successfully completed your assignment, you will be qualified to apply for a CPD Certification from The Teachers Training. The PDF certificate can be downloaded after you have completed your course.

  • You can get your digital certificate (PDF) for £3.99 only

  • Hard copy certificates are also available, and you can get one for only £8.99

  • You can get both PDF and Hard copy certificate for just £8.99!

The certificate will add significant weight to your CV and will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs.

Course Curriculum

Personal Development Promo 00:02:00
What You Will Learn 00:04:00
Your Personality Type
Personality Type Introduction 00:02:00
Big 5 Personality Model 00:02:00
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 00:04:00
The Hybrid Personality Model 00:09:00
Personality Cheat Sheet 00:06:00
How To Bring Out Your Strengths With This Model 00:10:00
Identifying Your Strengths 00:10:00
Your Purpose
Purpose Introduction 00:01:00
A Thought Experiment 00:04:00
Why Purpose Isn’t Everything 00:03:00
Narrowing Down vs Generalizing 00:02:00
How To Narrow Down 00:07:00
How To Generalize 00:03:00
How To Transition To A Purpose Driven Life 00:06:00
Your Action Plan To Get Started 00:05:00
Mindset & Motivation
Mindset & Motivation Introduction 00:01:00
Answering The “Why” 00:02:00
The Right Expectation Management 00:03:00
The Two Mindsets 00:02:00
Why Nothing Is Fixed 00:02:00
6 Biggest Motivation Killers & How To Overcome Them 00:06:00
How To Guide Your Thoughts 00:07:00
Goal Setting
Goal Setting Introduction 00:01:00
Why Goal Setting Is So Important 00:05:00
How To Create A Vision Statement 00:03:00
Vision Statement Questions 00:08:00
How To Set SMART Goals 00:06:00
How To Not Lose Track Of Your Goals 00:05:00
How To Track Your Progress 00:03:00
Goal Setting Cheat Sheet 00:12:00
Building Better Habits
Habits Introduction 00:02:00
What Are Habits 00:02:00
Why Habits Matter 00:01:00
How To Build A New Habit 00:05:00
Habit Stacking 00:03:00
How To Choose The Right Trigger 00:03:00
Writing Down Your Habit Sequence 00:01:00
How To Create Accountability 00:02:00
Set Small Goals Every Day 00:01:00
Healthy Living: Nutrition & Diet
Healthy Living Introduction 00:01:00
How Your Diet Affects Your Health 00:04:00
Calories Explained 00:04:00
The Relationship Between Bodyweight & Health 00:05:00
The Relationship Between Bodyweight & Health 00:05:00
Weight Loss & Health 00:03:00
Determining Your Daily Calorie Intake 00:03:00
Healthy Weight Ranges 00:02:00
Quality Protein Sources 00:01:00
Quality Carb Sources 00:01:00
Quality Fat Sources 00:01:00
How Much Of Each 00:04:00
Healthy Living: Exercise & Training
What Does A Complete Workout Program Look Like? 00:03:00
Aerobic Exercise Overview 00:01:00
The Problem With Traditional Cardio 00:03:00
HIIT Cardio Explained 00:07:00
Resistance Training Overview 00:01:00
Muscle Building Formula 00:09:00
Beginner Gym Workout 00:06:00
Flexibility Overview 00:01:00
Common Stretching Mistakes 00:04:00
Daily Stretching Routine 00:03:00
Bringing Everything Together 00:01:00
People And Relationships
People And Relationships Introduction 00:01:00
The Health Benefits Of Strong Relationships 00:03:00
How To Build Stronger Relationships 00:04:00
How To Fix A Broken Friendship 00:06:00
How To Manage Stress In A Romantic Relationship 00:04:00
How To Build Positive Work Relationships 00:04:00
Coaching Tools
Coaching Tools Intro 00:01:00
What Clients Expect From Their Coach 00:04:00
Creating Your Ideal Coaching Persona 00:05:00
Getting To Know Your Client & Building Rapport 00:07:00
Grow Coaching Model 00:05:00
The Right Coaching Outline 00:03:00


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  1. Freddie Butler


    I was looking for a personal development course. The course offered by The Teachers Training is the perfect one for me to learn fundamental topics.

  2. Jessica Pearson


    Your exclusive support and so many learning materials make easier to grab all the skillsets. Thanks for this amazing online course.

  3. Jamie Harper


    Thanks for this outstanding course. I have learned so many excellent skills. It makes me more confident.

  4. Laura Rahman


    Great course! It has taught me necessary skills of personal development. The style of online classroom was so interactive. Strongly recommended.

  5. Riley Nicholson


    This is a fantastic course. I taught so many things from this course and learned so many skills from the instructors.

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