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Level 5 Project Management for School Administrator is yet another “Teacher’s Choice” course from Teachers Training for a complete understanding of the fundamental topics. You are also entitled to exclusive tutor support and a professional CPD-accredited certificate in addition to the special discounted price for a limited time. Just like all our courses, this Level 5 Project Management for School Administrator and its curriculum have also been designed by expert teachers so that teachers of tomorrow can learn from the best and equip themselves with all the necessary skills.

Consisting of several modules, the course teaches you everything you need to succeed in this profession.

The course can be studied part-time. You can become accredited within 8 hours studying at your own pace. Your qualification will be recognised and can be checked for validity on our dedicated website.

Why Choose Teachers Training

Some of our features are:

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements. You need to have:


The assessment is straightforward, you need to complete the assignment questions that will be provided to you at the end of the course, you can complete the assignment anytime you want. After you complete and submit your assignment, our tutors will assess your assignment and give you feedback if needed. 

After your assignment has been assessed and you have passed, you will be qualified and will be able to apply for a course completion certificate.


CPD Certification from The Teachers Training

Successfully completing the MCQ exam of this course qualifies you for a CPD-accredited certificate from The Teachers Training. You will be eligible for both PDF copy and hard copy of the certificate to showcase your achievement however you wish.

  • You can get your digital certificate (PDF) for £4.99 only
  • Hard copy certificates are also available, and you can get one for only £10.99
  • You can get both PDF and Hard copy certificates for just £12.99!

The certificate will add significant weight to your CV and will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs.

Course Curriculum

Overview: Contents
Overview: Contents Of Overview Chapter 00:02:00
Overview: The Basics
Overview: What Is Project Management? 00:02:00
Overview: Where Projects Come From 00:02:00
Overview: Why Processes Are Useful 00:02:00
Overview: The PMI Framework
Overview: The Project Management Institute 00:02:00
Overview: Project Definition 00:01:00
Overview: Program Definition 00:03:00
Overview: The Five PM Stages 00:05:00
Overview: The PM Knowledge Areas 00:01:00
Overview: Project Players 00:03:00
Overview: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Players 00:01:00
Overview: Techniques & Tools
Overview: Two Basic Project Management Techniques 00:03:00
Overview: Project Management Software Tools 00:03:00
Overview: Strategic Plan
Overview: The Link To The Strategic Plan 00:02:00
Overview: Exercise: Link To Your Strategic Plan 00:01:00
Overview: The Triple Constraint
Overview: The Triple Constraint 00:06:00
Overview: Keys To Success
Overview: Exercise: Project Success & Failure 00:01:00
Overview: The Standish Group Chaos Report 00:02:00
Overview: The Top 3 Drivers Of Project Success 00:07:00
Overview: The Project Manager
Overview: The Role Of The Project Manager 00:03:00
Overview: Project Manager Requirements 00:03:00
Overview: Communications Essentials 00:06:00
Overview: Team Formation 00:02:00
Overview: Team Foundations 00:07:00
Overview: Negotiation Essentials 00:05:00
Overview: Leadership Essentials 00:03:00
Overview: Exercise: Your Project Manager Development 00:01:00
Overview: Chapter Summary
Overview: Summary Checklist 00:07:00
Initiation: Contents
Initiation: Contents Of Initiation Chapter 00:02:00
Initiation: Introduction
Initiation: The Purpose Of Initiation 00:03:00
Initiation: The Project Manager Role 00:02:00
Initiation: The Sponsor & Customer
Initiation: The Sponsor & Customer 00:02:00
Initiation: Stakeholders
Initiation: The Project Stakeholders 00:02:00
Initiation: Stakeholder Analysis 00:01:00
Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Stakeholders 00:01:00
Initiation: The First Level Scope
Initiation: The Project Objective 00:04:00
Initiation-Scope-1 00:03:00
Initiation: Assumptions & Constraints 00:02:00
Initiation: The Conceptual Solution 00:01:00
Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Initiation Scope 00:01:00
Initiation: The Business Case
Initiation: The Business Case 00:03:00
Initiation: The Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) 00:04:00
Initiation: Example – Business Case BCR & ROI 00:06:00
Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Business Case 00:01:00
Initiation: The Project Manager & Mandate
Initiation: The Project Manager & Mandate 00:02:00
Initiation: The Project Charter
Initiation: The Project Charter 00:03:00
Initiation: Exercise: Baseline Your Project Charter 00:01:00
Initiation: Chapter Summary
Initiation: Summary Checklist 00:02:00
Planning: Contents
Planning: Contents Of Planning Chapter 00:03:00
Planning: Introduction
Planning:The Purpose Of Planning 00:02:00
Planning:The Core Project Team (CPT) 00:01:00
Planning:Exercise: Gather Your Core Project Team 00:01:00
Planning: Requirements
Planning:From Objective To Requirements 00:03:00
Planning:Requirements – A Long-Time Challenge 00:01:00
Planning:Example – Health System 00:01:00
Planning:Importance Of Requirements 00:02:00
Planning:Gathering Requirements 00:02:00
Planning:Requirements Attributes 00:03:00
Planning:Requirements Key Points 00:03:00
Planning:Requirements Document & Approval 00:02:00
Planning:Example – Buying Chairs 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Project Requirements 00:01:00
Planning: Solution
Planning:The Solution Definition 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Project Solution Definition 00:01:00
Planning: Deliverables
Planning:The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 00:02:00
Planning:Examples – Aircraft, Shed, Supper, Standards, Process 00:06:00
Planning:WBS Process 00:02:00
Planning:WBS Key Points 00:02:00
Planning:The WBS Dictionary 00:01:00
Planning:Deliverables → Work Packages → Activities 00:02:00
Planning:WBS Drawing Tools 00:01:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your WBS 00:01:00
Planning: Logic
Planning:The Precedence Diagram 00:02:00
Planning:Kinds Of Links, And Leads And Lags 00:03:00
Planning:Examples – Generic, Shed, Supper, Standards, Process 00:06:00
Planning:Precedence Diagram Process 00:04:00
Planning:Precedence Diagram Patterns 00:02:00
Planning:Precedence Diagram Drawing Tools 00:01:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Precedence Diagram 00:02:00
Planning: Estimating
Planning:Exercise: The Power Of Estimation 00:01:00
Planning:Estimating Methods 00:03:00
Planning:The Statistical Power Of Multiple Estimates 00:03:00
Planning:Activity Breakdown 00:06:00
Planning:Factoring For Productivity & Availability 00:03:00
Planning:An Estimating Spreadsheet 00:01:00
Planning:PERT & Straight 3-Point Techniques 00:06:00
Planning:The Delphi Technique 00:04:00
Planning:Handling Estimating Error 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Estimate Your Project 00:01:00
Planning: Schedule
Planning:The Gantt Chart 00:03:00
Planning:Example – Gantt Chart 00:02:00
Planning:The Critical Path 00:02:00
Planning:Critical Path Process 00:03:00
Planning:Example – Critical Path Process 00:01:00
Planning:Example – Forward Pass 00:04:00
Planning:Example – Backward Pass 00:03:00
Planning:Example – Critical Path With Float 00:04:00
Planning:Exercise: Baselining Your Schedule 00:01:00
Planning:The Schedule Milestones 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Setting Your Milestones 00:01:00
Planning: Resources
Planning:Resource Leveling 00:03:00
Planning:Resource Planning 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Resource Plan 00:01:00
Planning: Cost
Planning:Estimating Cost 00:02:00
Planning:Cost Breakdown 00:01:00
Planning:Cost Accounts 00:02:00
Planning:The Project Cost Baseline 00:01:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Project Cost 00:01:00
Planning: Procurement
Planning:Deciding To “Build Or Buy” 00:03:00
Planning:Procurement Documents 00:02:00
Planning:Selecting The Winner 00:03:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Procurement Planning 00:01:00
Planning: Risk
Planning:Risk Management 00:00:00
Planning:Risk Planning 00:02:00
Planning:Risk Identification 00:02:00
Planning:Standard Risk Statement Form 00:03:00
Planning:Risk Qualification 00:02:00
Planning:Risk Quantification 00:02:00
Planning:Response Planning 00:02:00
Planning:Other Risk Elements 00:02:00
Planning:The Risk Register 00:04:00
Planning:Critical Chain Management 00:03:00
Planning:Risk Buffer Allocation 00:01:00
Planning:Opportunity Planning 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Risk Budget 00:01:00
Planning: Communications
Planning:Communications Planning 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Communications Plan 00:01:00
Planning: The Project Plan
Planning:The Project Management Plan 00:06:00
Planning:Final Project Plan Review 00:02:00
Planning:Exercise: Baseline Your Project Plan 00:01:00
Planning: Chapter Summary
Planning:Summary Checklist 00:11:00
Execution: Contents
Execution: Contents Of Execution Chapter 00:01:00
Execution: Introduction
Execution: The Purpose Of Execution 00:02:00
Execution: The Project Team
Execution: Building The Project Team 00:04:00
Execution: Project Team Key Points 00:04:00
Execution: Functional Organizations 00:01:00
Execution: Projectized Organizations 00:01:00
Execution: Matrix Organizations 00:01:00
Execution: Management Of Matrix Organizations 00:02:00
Execution: Matrix Personnel Allocation 00:02:00
Execution: Delegation 00:03:00
Execution: Team Motivation 00:03:00
Execution: Managing People Conflict 00:06:00
Execution: Exercise: Gather The Project Team 00:01:00
Execution: Communication Modes 00:02:00
Execution: First Steps
Execution: Kickoff Meetings 00:03:00
Execution: Project Requirements Review (PRR) 00:02:00
Execution: Exercise: Take Project First Steps 00:01:00
Execution: Design & Build
Execution: Design Before Build 00:02:00
Execution: Exercise: Design & Build Your Project 00:01:00
Execution: Problem Identification
Execution: Finding Root Causes 00:02:00
Execution: Chapter Summary
Execution: Summary Checklist 00:05:00
Monitoring & Control: Contents
Monitoring & Control: Contents Of Monitoring & Control Chapter 00:01:00
Monitoring & Control: Introduction
Monitoring & Control: The Purpose Of Monitoring And Control 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Expectations 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: The Weekly HeartbeatMonitoring & Control: Managing Scope
Monitoring & Control: The Weekly Status Meeting 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: Exercise: Organize Your Weekly Meeting 00:01:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Scope
Monitoring & Control: Managing Scope Change 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: Change Impact Analysis 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: Change Approval 00:09:00
Monitoring & Control: Exercise: Organize Your Project Change Control 00:01:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Time
Monitoring & Control: Schedule Statusing 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: Schedule Crashing & Fast-Tracking 00:07:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Cost
Monitoring & Control: Cost Statusing 00:01:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Cost 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Risk
Monitoring & Control: Managing Risk 00:09:00
Monitoring & Control: Earned Value Management (EVM)
Monitoring & Control: EVM Overview 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: EVM Metrics 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: EVM Cost Projections 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: EVM Schedule Projections 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: EVM Meaning 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: Example – EVM 00:04:00
Monitoring & Control: Managing Quality
Monitoring & Control: Quality, Deming, And Fit For Purpose 00:06:00
Monitoring & Control: Peer Reviews 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: User Reviews 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: User Review Management Tool 00:05:00
Monitoring & Control: Problem Resolution
Monitoring & Control: Solution Options 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: Persuasion Techniques 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: The Monthly Heartbeat
Monitoring & Control: Monthly Statusing 00:03:00
Monitoring & Control: One Page Monthly Report 00:02:00
Monitoring & Control: The Monthly Review 00:04:00
Monitoring & Control: Exercise: Organize Your Monthly Review 00:01:00
Monitoring & Control: Chapter Summary
Monitoring & Control: Summary Checklist 00:06:00
Closing: Contents
Closing: Contents Of Closing Chapter 00:01:00
Closing: Introduction
Closing: The Purpose Of Closing 00:02:00
Closing: Procurement
Closing: Contract Closure 00:02:00
Closing: Acceptance
Closing: Change Management 00:03:00
Closing: Scope Verification 00:02:00
Closing: Scenario Based Scope Verification 00:02:00
Closing: Practical Delivery Criteria 00:02:00
Closing: Transition To Operations 00:01:00
Closing: Exercise: Close Your Project Scope 00:01:00
Closing: Lessons Learned
Closing: The Lessons Learned Process 00:02:00
Closing: Team Closure
Closing: People Transition 00:02:00
Closing: The Project Celebration 00:02:00
Closing: Exercise: Manage Team Closure 00:01:00
Closing: The Final Report
Closing: The Project Final Report 00:02:00
Closing: Exercise: Finalize Your Final Report 00:01:00
Closing: Chapter Summary
Closing: Summary Checklist 00:04:00


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