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Graph Theory Algorithms

This course is tailored for curious minds, aspiring programmers, and problem solvers seeking to elevate their skills. Whether you’re preparing for coding interviews, enhancing your data analysis toolkit, or driven by a passion for algorithmic exploration, our Graph Theory Algorithms course is your gateway to mastering the art of problem-solving in a connected world.

In this Graph Theory Algorithms course, you will delve into the fundamental building blocks of graphs, including Undirected, Directed, Weighted, Complete graphs, and Rooted trees. We’ll equip you with the knowledge to tackle common graph problems such as finding the Shortest Path, assessing Connectivity, identifying Negative Cycles, and solving the Traveling Salesman Problem. Plus, you will explore the power of Depth First Search and Breadth First Search, essential tools in your algorithmic toolkit. Besides, in this Graph Theory Algorithms course, you will learn how to leverage these techniques to navigate grids and find the Shortest Path efficiently. Our course covers the art of Trees, from their storage and representation to beginner-friendly algorithms. In this course, you will discover the secrets of Rooting Trees and uncover the Center(s) of a Tree, essential insights for various applications.

As you move through the Graph Theory Algorithms course, we will guide you through advanced topics like Topological Sorting, Dijkstra’s Algorithm, the Bellman-Ford Algorithm, and the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm. Furthermore, this course will assist you in mastering the art of identifying bridges, articulating points and applying the Tarjan algorithm confidently. You will become familiar with Eulerian Paths and Circuits and learn how to construct a Minimum Spanning Tree using Prim’s Algorithm. 

Ready to chart your path to algorithmic excellence? Enrol now and unlock the world of Graph Theory Algorithms today!

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Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction
Introduction 00:14:00
Module 02: Common Problem
Common Problem 00:10:00
Module 03: Depth First Search
Depth First Search 00:11:00
Module 04: Breadth First Search
Breadth First Search 00:08:00
Module 05: Breadth First Search Shortest Path on a Grid
Breadth First Search Shortest Path on a Grid 00:17:00
Module 06: Trees
Storage and Representation of Trees 00:10:00
Beginner Tree Algorithms 00:10:00
Rooting Tree 00:05:00
Center(s) of a Tree 00:06:00
Isomorphisms in Trees 00:11:00
Isomorphisms in Trees Source Code 00:10:00
Lowest Common Ancestor 00:17:00
Module 07: Topological Sort
Topological Sort 00:14:00
Shortest and Longest Paths on DAGs 00:10:00
Khan’s Algorithm 00:13:00
Module 08: Dijkstra
Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm 00:25:00
Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm Source Code 00:09:00
Module 09: Bellman-Ford Algorithm
Bellman-Ford Algorithm 00:15:00
Module 10: Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
Floyd-Warshall Algorithm 00:16:00
Floyd-Warshall Algorithm Source Code 00:09:00
Module 11: Bridge and Algorithm Points
Algorithm to Find Bridges and Articulation Points 00:20:00
Algorithm to Find Bridges and Articulation Points Source Code 00:09:00
Module 12: Tarjan Algorithm
Tarjan’s Algorithm for Finding Strongly Connected Components 00:17:00
Tarjan’s Algorithm for Finding Strongly Connected Components Source Code 00:07:00
Module 13: Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) with Dynamic Programming 00:21:00
Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) with Dynamic Programming Source Code 00:14:00
Module 14: Eulerian Paths and Circuits
Existence of Eulerian Paths and Circuit 00:10:00
Finding Eulerian Paths and Circuits 00:16:00
Eulerian Paths Source Code 00:08:00
Module 15: Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm
Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm (Lazy Version) 00:15:00
Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm ( Eager Version) 00:15:00
Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Source Code ( Eager Version) 00:09:00
Module 16: Network Flow
Max Flow Ford-Fulkerson Method 00:13:00
Max Flow Ford-Fulkerson Method Source Code 00:17:00
Network Flow: Unweighted Bipartite Graph Matching 00:11:00
Network Flow: Mice and Owls 00:08:00
Network Flow: Elementary Math 00:11:00
Network Flow: Edmond-Karp Algorithm Source Code 00:06:00
Network Flow: Edmond-Karp Algorithm Source Code 00:10:00
Network Flow: Capacity Scaling 00:10:00
Network Flow: Capacity Scaling Source Code 00:06:00
Network Flow: Dinic’s Algorithm 00:12:00
Network Flow: Dinic’s Algorithm Source Code 00:09:00


Course Reviews


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  1. Adam Walters


    “The course was comprehensive and easy to absorb. I recommend this course.”

  2. Francesca Wong


    I thought learning about graphs will be very dull, but this course proved me wrong. It was a delightful experience.

  3. Shannon Davies


    This is an excellent course. I liked how the modules were designed to be easy to understand.

  4. Connor Wong


    I must say this course has improved my skills a lot. Brilliant course!

  5. Tom Baxter


    I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short period of time. Thanks to the instructor!

  6. Georgina Gordon


    This course is brilliant. It helped me to understand how to read graphs and different graph theories. A great course for understanding data interpretation.

  7. James Sinclair


    I love how is it understandable and flexible this course is. I can learn whenever and wherever I want and take the tests when I am ready. It helped me to maintain my routine and get total control over my development. Highly recommended.

  8. Gabriel Hill


    I’m grateful for the opportunity to take part in such a fantastic course. Truly recommend!

  9. Riley Barker


    Thank you very much for illustrating graph theory algorithms in such a lovely way. Your simple lectures helped me overcome my fear of the topic’s complexities.

  10. Cameron Dennis


    I never thought I would like to learn mathematical representation so much. This course made the graphical representation and understanding graphs so easy. A great course for graph theories.

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