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Essentials of Becoming a Manager and Managing Teams Course is yet another “Teacher’s Choice” course from Teachers Training for a complete understanding of the fundamental topics. You are also entitled to exclusive tutor support and a professional CPD-accredited certificate in addition to the special discounted price for a limited time. Just like all our courses, this Essentials of Becoming a Manager and Managing Teams Course and its curriculum have also been designed by expert teachers so that teachers of tomorrow can learn from the best and equip themselves with all the necessary skills.

Consisting of several modules, the course teaches you everything you need to succeed in this profession.

The course can be studied part-time. You can become accredited within 05 Hours studying at your own pace. Your qualification will be recognised and can be checked for validity on our dedicated website.

Why Choose Teachers Training

Some of our website features are:

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements. You need to have:


CPD Certification from The Teachers Training

Successfully completing the MCQ exam of this course qualifies you for a CPD-accredited certificate from The Teachers Training. You will be eligible for both PDF copy and hard copy of the certificate to showcase your achievement however you wish.

  • You can get your digital certificate (PDF) for £4.99 only
  • Hard copy certificates are also available, and you can get one for only £10.99
  • You can get both PDF and Hard copy certificates for just £12.99!

The certificate will add significant weight to your CV and will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: New Manager Mastery
What to Expect & About Me 00:02:00
Well Done! 00:02:00
It’s a Different Job 00:03:00
You’re Scared? Good! 00:02:00
The Manager Mindset 00:03:00
Set Expectations 00:04:00
Get Learning Leadership! 00:03:00
What Is Culture? 00:02:00
Culture of Fairness 00:08:00
People Are Crazy 00:02:00
Mastering One To One Meetings 00:05:00
Manager to Coach 00:07:00
Me? A Psychologist? 00:02:00
Emotional Intelligence 00:05:00
Mastering Performance Evaluations 00:07:00
Welcoming New Starters 00:07:00
How to Hire a Diverse Workforce 00:06:00
Get The Basics Right Every Time! 00:02:00
Conclusion 00:02:00
Section 02: A Masterclass In Hiring For Your Teams
Introduction 00:02:00
The Importance of the Interview Process 00:03:00
What’s Wrong With The Interview Process? 00:07:00
Human Vs. Algorithm 1 00:02:00
Unconscious Interviewer Biases 00:03:00
Be Data Driven 00:03:00
Let’s See You in Action 00:02:00
Keep It Relevant 00:02:00
Seriously Avoid These Topics! 00:03:00
Benefits of a Diverse Workforce 00:03:00
How to Hire a Diverse Workforce 00:06:00
Hunger and Desire Over Skills 00:03:00
Culture Addition, Not Culture Fit 00:03:00
Compliment, Backup or Add To The Team 00:05:00
Hiring The Right Rank 00:04:00
What Are Your Location Restrictions 00:01:00
The Risk of Delivering Less 00:02:00
The Risk of Burnout 00:02:00
The Risk of Losing the Headcount 00:02:00
Confirm The Job Is What They Think It Is! 00:02:00
Sell Yourself, Your Team & Your Company 00:03:00
Don’t Be a Jerk 00:03:00
It’s Not About Making You Look Good 00:02:00
Managing Recruitment Agencies 00:04:00
Communications with the Candidate 00:03:00
Be Ready! 00:03:00
Assign a Buddy 00:02:00
You Got It Wrong! 00:02:00
Conclusion 00:03:00
Section 03: Creating a Culture Of Learning In Your Organization
What To Expect From The Course 00:02:00
Why Even Bother? 00:07:00
What Learning Used To Be Like 00:02:00
Individual Learner 00:01:00
Everyone Says They Are A Self-Learner 00:10:00
Online Communities 00:02:00
Embedding Learning Into Daily Life 00:03:00
Teach It To Learn It 00:02:00
Learning New Vs Becoming Expert 00:01:00
Listen Faster 00:01:00
Tom’s Approach 00:02:00
The Paid Training Course Is History 00:03:00
Develop The Right Mental Habits 00:06:00
Make It Easier On Yourself 00:02:00
Manager Responsibilities 00:01:00
Are You Really A Centre Of Excellence? 00:02:00
Learning As Part Of Performance Evaluation 00:02:00
Don’t Worry If People Leave 00:01:00
The Benefits Of A Skilled User Base 00:02:00
Push It, Push It, Push It 00:01:00
The Golden Hour 00:09:00
Internal Mobility 00:03:00
Team Secondment 00:02:00
Make People Good Enough To Quit 00:03:00
Lunch & Learns 00:02:00
Personalised Learning Plans 00:02:00
Use It Or Lose It 00:02:00
Certifiably Great 00:02:00
Get A Learning Buddy 00:02:00
Senior Leaders Responsibilities 00:01:00
Walk It From The Top 00:02:00
Learning Wherever, Whenever 00:02:00
Show Us The Data 00:02:00
Create Learning Champions 00:02:00
Gamification 00:02:00
Sell, Sell, Sell 00:03:00
Don’t Block The Useful Sites 00:03:00
Create A Varied Library Of Resources 00:02:00
Encourage Conferences And Seminars 00:04:00
The Feedback Loop 00:02:00
Learning Is Expensive 00:03:00
Learning Takes Time 00:02:00
Concluding Remarks 00:04:00
Section 04: Job Interview Practicals: Complete Interview Skills Training
Interview Masterclass – Maximize Your Chances of Success 00:03:00
Get Yourself Game Ready! 00:08:00
Final Prep Tips! 1-2 Days before Interview 00:03:00
It’s Interview Day! How to ACE the Interview! 00:07:00
Positive Personality Traits Interviewers Are Desperate For 00:07:00
How to Engage & Impress in Conversation 00:05:00
The Art of Asking Questions 00:08:00
How to Answer Questions Using Skill & Psychological Tricks 00:10:00
After Interview – Still More You Can Do 00:05:00
Staying Professional 00:02:00
That Wasn’t What You Expected!! 00:03:00
Waiting for the Answer 00:02:00
Let’s Review the Tips – So Much to Consider 00:04:00
Section 05: Beating Burnout - Practical & Complete Stress Management
Introduction to Overcoming Burnout 00:03:00
The Problem of Burnout in Modern Workplaces 00:06:00
Symptoms of Burnout – Do You Have It? 00:03:00
How Individuals Can Fight Back Against Burnout 00:12:00
How Leaders Can Create A Burnout Free Culture 00:10:00
Let’s Review The Advice – What’s Important? 00:03:00
Section 06: Practical Leadership: Complete Guide To Great Leadership
Characteristics of Great Leaders – Introduction 00:02:00
Honesty, Coaching & The Mission 00:08:00
Empathy, Togetherness & Feedback 00:06:00
Change, Authenticity & Enablement 00:05:00
Perspective, Empowerment & Emotional Intelligence 00:05:00
My Favourite Tips & Bonus! 00:05:00
Section 07: Mastering Meetings - A Complete Practical Guide To Meetings
What to Expect 00:04:00
What & Why? 00:03:00
The Cost of Meetings 00:02:00
Red Amber & Green Meetings 00:06:00
Do You Need A Meeting? 00:04:00
Timing Considerations 00:07:00
Contents of the Invite 00:03:00
Scheduling Etiquette 00:07:00
Considerations for Externals 00:05:00
The Meeting as an Opportunity 00:02:00
Chairing Meetings 00:01:00
Your Agenda 00:08:00
Kicking Off 00:06:00
During The Meeting 00:08:00
After Meeting Minutes 00:06:00
Considerations 00:06:00
Concluding Remarks 00:02:00
Section 08: Advanced People Management - What They Don't Tell You About Team Leading!
What to Expect & About Me 00:02:00
Management Vs. Coaching 00:07:00
What Is Culture? 00:02:00
Culture of Fairness 00:08:00
How To Be A Great Listener 00:05:00
Mastering Performance Evaluations 00:07:00
Welcoming New Starters 00:07:00
Stupid Things NOT To Say To Your Team 00:07:00
Your Team Made A Mistake 00:06:00
Mastering Crucial Conversations 00:05:00
When to Fire Someone 00:06:00


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