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Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot waves

Unlock the secrets of profitable trading with our comprehensive course on Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Stock Market Trading using Elliot Waves. Whether you’re a novice looking to enter the world of trading or an experienced trader seeking to refine your skills, this course is your roadmap to financial success. 

This course covers all aspects of trading with Elliot Waves, ensuring you understand this powerful strategy deeply. From deep learning strategies to risk management, we provide the knowledge and tools to navigate the markets successfully. In this Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot Waves course, you will discover why 99% of traders lose money due to inadequate risk management and learn why protecting your investments is crucial. 

Our expertly crafted risk management system will empower you to safeguard your capital while maximizing your trading potential. Besides, this Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot Waves course will introduce you to the core of Elliot Waves with in-depth discussions on impulsive and corrective waves, valid Elliot Wave structures, accurate marking, and the essential rule of alternation. Plus, you will master trading techniques for various corrective patterns, including double and triple combos and ABCDE triangles. Furthermore, you will learn how to execute trades effectively, utilize Fibonacci extension tools, and adopt the seven critical beliefs of successful traders. Additionally, this course will guide you on when to take profits, ensuring you maximize your returns while minimizing risk.

Join our Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock Market Trading with Elliot Waves course and embark on a journey to become a confident and profitable trader. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your financial future – enrol now and start your path to trading success!

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Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Deep Learning 00:16:00
Section 02: Risk Management
Introduction to Risk Management 00:02:00
What a Risk Management? 00:03:00
Why Risk Management is So Important 00:18:00
Why You Have to Manage Your Risk 00:18:00
My Risk Management System 00:12:00
You Can’t Progress in Something That You Don’t Measure 00:09:00
Section 03: Main section
The 2 Types of Waves (Impulsive and Corrective) 00:06:00
Part 2 – The 2 Types Of Waves (Impulsive and Corrective) 00:04:00
Rules for a Valid Elliot Wave Structure 00:09:00
How to Mark Elliot Waves Properly 00:03:00
The Rule of Alternation 00:05:00
All Types of Corrective Patterns 00:21:00
Double and Triple Combos Corrective Patterns 00:07:00
ABCDE Triangles 00:07:00
Part 2 – ABCDE Triangles 00:07:00
Double/Triple Tops and Bottoms in Elliot Wave`S Perspective 00:05:00
3rd Waves versus C Waves 00:07:00
Leading 1st Wave and Ending 5th Wave Diagonals 00:14:00
How to Use Fibonacci Retracement Tool 00:09:00
Part 2 – How to Use Fibonacci Retracement Tool 00:03:00
How to Use Fibonacci Extension Tool 00:10:00
Elliot Waves Are On All Timeframes 00:35:00
How to Trade With Elliot Waves 00:15:00
How to Trade a Waves 00:09:00
Longterm Elliot Wave Analysis on Bitcoin 00:25:00
Section 04: Bonus
How to Know When to Take Profits 00:35:00
Hull Moving Average 00:06:00
7 Habits Belief of Successful Traders 00:17:00
Momentum Play with Multiple Timeframes 00:20:00


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