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Creative Writing Training is yet another “Teacher’s Choice” course from Teachers Training for a complete understanding of the fundamental topics. You are also entitled to exclusive tutor support and a professional CPD-accredited certificate in addition to the special discounted price for a limited time. Just like all our courses, this Creative Writing Training and its curriculum have also been designed by expert teachers so that teachers of tomorrow can learn from the best and equip themselves with all the necessary skills.

Consisting of several modules, the course teaches you everything you need to succeed in this profession.

The course can be studied part-time. You can become accredited within 46 hour studying at your own pace. Your qualification will be recognised and can be checked for validity on our dedicated website.

Why Choose Teachers Training

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Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements. You need to have:


CPD Certification from The Teachers Training

Successfully completing the MCQ exam of this course qualifies you for a CPD-accredited certificate from The Teachers Training. You will be eligible for both PDF copy and hard copy of the certificate to showcase your achievement however you wish.

  • You can get your digital certificate (PDF) for £4.99 only
  • Hard copy certificates are also available, and you can get one for only £10.99
  • You can get both PDF and Hard copy certificates for just £12.99!

The certificate will add significant weight to your CV and will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs.

Course Curriculum

01. Creative Writing Course: Writing Storybooks For Children
Introduction to Children’s Writing 00:02:00
Crucial Information 00:02:00
Keys to Success 00:02:00
A.I.M 00:04:00
Coming Up With Ideas
Getting Ideas 00:02:00
Character Creation 00:02:00
Characters and Plotting 00:04:00
The Mechanics of Writing
Planning Your Story 00:03:00
Storytelling 00:03:00
Important Technical Issues
Point of View 00:04:00
Technical Writing Issues 00:04:00
Types of Children's Books
Story Structure 00:02:00
Picture Books 1 00:03:00
Picture Books 2 00:03:00
Picture Books 3 00:02:00
Easy Readers 00:03:00
Transition Books 00:01:00
Chapter Books 00:02:00
Junior Novels 00:02:00
Young Adult Fiction 00:05:00
Advanced Fiction Techniques
Dialogue 00:05:00
Show don’t Tell 00:05:00
Conclusion 00:02:00
02. Creative Writing Course - Short Stories
Introduction to Short Story Writing 00:06:00
Who Am I to Run This Course? 00:07:00
It’s All About Mindset 00:07:00
What Tools Do You Need To Succeed? 00:06:00
Part One: Mindset
Mental Preparation 00:06:00
Time Management 00:06:00
Self Belief 00:03:00
Goal Setting 00:02:00
Part Two: The Basics
Subject Matter 00:04:00
Genre 00:07:00
Scope 00:03:00
Getting Ideas 00:03:00
Part Three: Construction Time
The 7-Step Story Generator 00:02:00
Characters & Character Creation 00:04:00
Creating Protagonists 00:07:00
Character Motivation & Interactions 00:03:00
Story & Setting 00:03:00
The 5-Point Story Structure 00:02:00
Style & Tone 00:02:00
Point of View & Tense 00:03:00
Plotting & The Twist 00:05:00
Building a Short Story Template 00:03:00
Introduction to Scrivener
All Hail Scrivener! 00:05:00
Part Four: Writing Your Story
The Opening Paragraph 00:03:00
Fast Writing 00:05:00
The Second Draft 00:04:00
Polishing 00:05:00
Part Five: Submitting Your Work 6 Lectures
It’s All About Presentation 00:04:00
Dealing With Rejection 00:03:00
Rights and Payment 00:02:00
Kindle Publishing 00:04:00
Conclusion Short Stories 00:02:00
03. Creative Writing Course - Fiction
Module 1 Part 1 – Getting Ideas and How to Develop Them 00:45:00
Module 1 Part 2 – Inspiration and Finding The Time 00:40:00
Module 2 – What It Means To Be A Writer 00:30:00
Module 3 – Characters 00:40:00
Module 4 – Plotting and Story Construction 01:15:00
Module 5 – Theme, Templates & Outlining 00:40:00
Module 6 – Show Don’t Tell 00:45:00
Module 7 – Punctuation, Grammar and some Basic Writing Rules 00:50:00
Module 8 – Scene Structure, Exposition and Story Rules 00:40:00
Module 9 – Chapter Structure, Vision and Focus 00:35:00
Module 10 – Fast Writing Without Fear or Censure 00:40:00
Module 11 – Editing, Re-writing & Polishing 00:40:00
Module 12 – Finishing, Submission & Publication 00:30:00
04. Creative Writing Course - Horror
Lesson One: The History of Horror 00:55:00
Lesson Two: Characters and Concepts 01:20:00
Lesson Three: Location and Backdrop 00:50:00
Lesson Four: Story and Plotting 00:55:00
Lesson Five: Writing Issues 01:15:00
Lesson Six: Horror Markets 01:40:00
05. Creative Writing Course - Novel
Introduction to Writing Fantasy 00:35:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson One – Imagining Fantasy 00:35:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Two – World Building, Maps and Visualization 00:40:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Three – Characters, Races and Societies 00:55:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Four – Plotting, Questing and Traveling 01:00:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Five – Point of View, Artifacts and Magic 00:55:00
Writing Fantasy – Lesson Six – Resolutions and Sequels 00:40:00
Amusing Article About Fantasy Writing (because it’s true!) 00:50:00
Fantasy: Recommended Author & Book List 02:40:00
Fantasy Societies Listing 00:50:00
Mythological Creature Listing 02:00:00
06. Creative Writing Course - Thriller
Introduction to Writing the Thriller 00:30:00
The Thriller: Form and Function 00:25:00
Writing the Thriller: Lesson One 00:30:00
Writing the Thriller: Lesson Two 00:30:00
Exercise 1 – Building Your Thriller 00:15:00
Writing the Thriller: Lesson Three 00:20:00
Exercise 2 – Building Your Thriller 00:35:00
Writing the Thriller: Lesson Four 00:25:00
Exercise 3 – Building Your Thriller 00:15:00
Writing the Thriller: Lesson Five 00:20:00
Exercise 4 – Building Your Thriller 00:00:00
Writing the Thriller: Lesson Six 00:30:00
07. Diploma in Drama and Comedy Writing
Welcome to the Writer’s Greatest Untapped Income Source 00:35:00
Introduction to Writing for TV, Cable and Satellite Networks 01:50:00
Your Ideas and How to Present Them 02:00:00
What’s Different About TV Writing? 01:55:00
Scripting, Editing and the Story Bible 01:40:00
A Special Masterclass On Comedy Writing 01:30:00
The Money and How You Get Paid 01:10:00
Resources – Creative Writing Complete Course 00:00:00


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