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Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development Overview

Do you want to understand how the brain and the environment shape the behavior and development of children and adolescents? Do you want to learn how to apply the latest scientific findings to your own parenting, teaching, or counseling practice? If yes, then our Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development course is for you.

This course covers the most important topics and theories in the field of child psychology. You will learn about the theory of psycho-social development, the concept of serve and return, the fuzzy trace theory. As you move forward through the Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development course, you will gain knowledge about the role of the prefrontal cortex, the principles of operant conditioning, the effects of media violence, the types of parenting styles, the influence of culture, and much more.

Moreover in this Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development course, you will also get practical tips and lessons on how to use psychological knowledge to enhance the well-being and outcomes of children and adolescents. You will acquire the skill to provide adequate response, reinforcement, linguistic cueing, and emotional support to your children or students. You will also learn how to prevent or cope with common issues such as risk taking, unearned rewards, abusive relationships, and stress. By the end of this Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development course, you will have a deep understanding of child psychology and its applications. You will be able to use neuroscience and development insights to improve your own skills and effectiveness as a parent, teacher, or counselor. You will also be able to communicate and connect better with children and adolescents of different ages, backgrounds, and needs.

Enrol in our Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development course today and get ready to unlock the potential of the next generation!

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Course Curriculum

Important Themes and Concepts in Child Psychology
The Theory of Psycho-social Development 00:09:00
Serve & Return 00:03:00
Practical Tips For Serve & Return 00:04:00
Fuzzy Trace Theory – Explains and Predicts Adolescent Risk Taking 00:06:00
Adolescent Risk Taking and the Prefrontal Cortex 00:03:00
Operant Conditioning – How Reinforcement Works and How it can help you 00:08:00
The Danger of Unearned Rewards (Habituation and Expectations) 00:04:00
Influencing behavior through linguistic cuing 00:04:00
Does violent media lead to aggressive kids? 00:04:00
Parenting Styles 00:05:00
Culture and seeing world 00:04:00
How childhood experience (ie violence) can result in choosing abusive partners 00:04:00
A Highly Regimented Life is a Very Stressful Life 00:02:00
Heritable vs. Inherited 00:04:00
Hormones and Development 00:04:00
Resources – Child Psychology: Neuroscience and Development for Parents 00:00:00


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  1. Jayden Anderson


    This is a good course to get an in-depth understanding of child psychology. The modules were very resourceful and engaging.

  2. Christopher Noble


    After doing this course, I could fill up the communication gap with my students. This is a highly beneficial course for teachers.

  3. Taylor George


    This is an excellent course. I appreciate how the instructor discussed complex topics, such as adolescent risk-taking and the prefrontal cortex, straightforwardly.

  4. David Powell


    This course is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning about Child Psychology.

  5. Benjamin Holt


    The course was insightful and comprehensive. I really appreciate how the instructor demonstrated the lessons.

  6. Demi Hammond


    I won’t say it’s the best course but it is really helpful. Also, the course is budget-friendly. You will be able to learn whenever you wish and don’t need to worry about scheduling.

  7. Peter Rose


    One of the best courses for understanding Child Psychology. The course content is organized and easy to understand. I love how lively and cooperative everyone is. One of the best course I have taken so far.

  8. Ewan Ingramv


    This course is loaded with useful information and tips to boost your expertise in child psychology. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

  9. Alfie Bruce


    Thanks for this wonderful course. The lectures were excellent.and easy to follow.

  10. Jay Potter


    This course helped me to understand children better. I will suggest any aspiring teacher or teaching assistant take this course. A lovely course overall.

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